Outlands are rigged

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VinnyBrasco 3

Bond of Friendship is just ridiculous with Outlands.

With Hirluin the Fair and the 3 other spheres heros, you will pump allies at an amoutstanding rate.

Mulligan for Steward of Gondor. Of course it goes on Hirluin.

If Light of Valinor is there too, even better. Our friend Glorfindel is mainly there to keep starting threat low.

Questing might be tough for the first round, bur afterward you'll be able to steadily draw 2 cards per turn with Beravor

Beregond will assume duties for early attacks and bigger ennemies. Toys on him will be free.

You can use Unexpected Courage on whoever, but keep in mind you'll have 3-3-3-3 allies all over the board very soon! Gandalf's Search ablities depend on the quest and the board, but mainly card draws and threat reduction.

A Very Good Tale is just another allies acceleration.

A Good Harvest gives you options and Envoy of Pelargir 's ressource can be placed on Glorfindel or Beregond, but also Hirluin when Steward is in play, which gives you great flexibility.

Everything is there: Cheap cards, ressources acceleration, card draws, threat reduction, ridiculously strong allies, multiple heroes action, healing...

Can also be paired really well in multiplayers game since there isn't a lot of unique cards in the deck.

Sideboard is there to give you ideas of other options or alternative for specific quests since the contract requires 10-10-10-10 of each sphere.



Jul 02, 2022 Birdman137 30

Unfortunately, with the contract, you can't run 3 copies of your Outlands characters.

Jul 02, 2022 StewofGondor1 27


Jul 04, 2022 banania 1580

Yep, too bad your deck is not legal.

However, you make an overall good point, even with 2x copies of each Outlands ally, it's still probably very powerful.