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OKTarg 196

I've always loved playing both Traps and MonoLore decks. Argalad seems like a great addition to the strategy of passive enemy management. Here, I've used a lot of 1x unique, cheap allies to try to help provide some willpower, while the traps and healing are augmented by the draw and recursion in the deck.

I think you'll want to play with a deck that can throw some +ATT on Argalad, of course, and while I considered fiddling around with dropping some Tactics cards in off-sphere, I ultimately decided against that so we could get a few more traps going.

Over Hill Gandalf is amazing in MonoLore, if you haven't tried him, and Mirkwood Pioneer is actually sneaky great in solo. I might write up a longer article about this, but you know how your favorite podcasts are always asking for cards that help get you out of location lock once it sets in? Well, the Pioneer is here, everyone! In my play through of Black Riders, this guy helped me quest past Nazgul like it was his job (it WAS in fact his job) but he's a great way of eliminating high-threat stuff to help you get around it.

Ranger Bows are a bit just for fun, but I really like them. They work well on the Ithilien Trackers or Lookouts, and Damrod can carry one after he Wingfoots up.

Probably not the highest power level deck I've ever built but hey what can you do!


Sep 23, 2016 DukeWellington 177

I love these types of decks and run them regularly. There are some surprises here that I need to ask about. Why no ambush? Have you found 2x copies of advanced warning to be of any value? Robin Smallburrow seems like he would do the same job only better. Have you tried Mirkwood Explorer? The biggest problem these decks always have is low resources. No resource acceleration? Is this deck mainly meant for solo or team play? Anyway, looks fun.

Sep 23, 2016 OKTarg 196

Thanks for your comments! I agree in general with the assessment that resource acceleration will be key. Lore doesn't have much outside of elf stone, and I ended up cutting that since I don't have a ton of power allies. The thinking was that this wouldn't be great for solo and rather work on traps and healing as a support.

Advanced warning is pretty good in multiplayer, I think, but not very good in solo.

Ambush is a card I don't yet own so haven't tried! My thinking was that I don't really have enough attack to get rid of enemies but I think I should reconsider. Perhaps two ambush for the Warnings might be right!