Silvan-ian Family.

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Jackpls 5

Galadriel or Arwen Undómiel?

Sideboard has a lot of game staples I sacrificed simply to play more on theme with Silvans.

I really like the idea of Stand and Fight but not the room to play it.

I think Feigned Voices is trash, could probably be wrong.

Rumil is there in case someone insists on playing Legolas as a hero. The money shot is playing Tree People bouncing Refugee or Weaver (has to be Refugee if it's in play) into Haldir / Legolas. Rumil obviously no good without enemies in play but you'll have to accept it for not annoying other players.

O Lorien! is insane, didn't think about how it lets you get around resource matching. Probably need the third copy of A Test of Will because Necromancer's Curse-esque treachery.


Sep 26, 2016 dalestephenson 1428

Why do you think Feigned Voices is trash? Feint is a useful event, which it provides for 0-cost at the price of returning an allly, which I find I want to do in a Silvan deck regularly anyway for the enter-play and first-turn Celeborn bonus.

Of course, with Silvan Refugee in play, they have to be taken first, don't have an enter play ability, and can't be cost-reduced with O Lórien!. I don't think they have very good synergy with a Silvan deck, honestly.

How does O Lórien! let you get around resource matching?

I presume from the absence of Silvan Tracker that Elrond is your usual defender, and that Light of Valinor and Unexpected Courage go on him?

I assume Elven-light was sacrificed for theme as well?