Three elfs go walking a bow does the talking

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Dravoc 23

Deck is meant for a campaign play hero's and outer things are limited and this note was meant primary for outer members of the group:

I think I like this deck after we get that last mission done as Galadriel adds some unique tricks like the master of the forge and Asfaloth reliant on Light of Vlainor and Nenya but between the mirror of Galadriel and the Imladris Stargazer should be able to search for those and whatever I lose to The Mirror's search will not be as important. I did drop 1 test of will and 1 Hasty Stroke for card counts sake however and Legolas seems a little week from the card draw tests I did he dosen't seem to power as fast so i added the bow's back to a full 3 card count am i missing something? I'm also tempted to remove Bofur for another master of the forge as he is more versatile but riskeyer to get out. Glamdring included in card count. I know it hursts your deck a little as you had Galadrel but..... Thoughts?