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Lecitadin 181

This strong deck can beat a lot of nightmare quests.

And the most ridiculous part is when you put Steed of Imladris on Arwen Undómiel and on Galdor of the Havens, because both heroes can commit to the quest, you can put 4 progress on the active location each turn!


Sep 30, 2016 Bardo el Arquero 1

That's a nice combo. Elven-light with Steed of Imladris almost seems like cheating.

Any particular reason you picked Éowyn (other than 4 willpower)? Substituting in Bard the Bowman might just make it the perfect deck! ;-)

Sep 30, 2016 Lecitadin 181

Yeah, Steed works pretty well.

This is a pure solo deck, so Bard would be... well... not too usefull!

Oct 01, 2016 Bardo el Arquero 1

I tried the deck against Journey down the Anduin and had fun with it. I got Steward of Gondor on my opening hand, but it took a long while to draw A Good Harvest even with one Light of Valinor.

I think it may be worthwhile to include Heed the Dream.

Oct 01, 2016 DurinVoronwe 15

The deck seems good. Ents + elves is very powerful, but fun. A question: why not Daerons Runes?

Oct 01, 2016 WingfootRanger 2469

Just curious, which nightmare quests did you beat?

Oct 01, 2016 sappidus 682

Very cool! Just a rules note to onlookers: Let's say you have a Steed on both Arwen and Galdor. Because characters all commit the quest "simultaneously", if there is a single copy of Elven-light in your hand, you cannot discard it from your hand to Steed #1, recall it to your hand (and draw a card), then discard it to Steed #2 -- the bolded step would require an action window that does not exist between the two Steeds' responses.

Nevertheless, the nature of Elven-light makes it such that once you get one, you make yourself more likely to draw into another, so the overall combo is truly excellent. Well done, sir.

Oct 01, 2016 Lecitadin 181

@Bardo el Arquero: You could always replace 2 Dwarven Tomb with 2 Heed the Dream!


@DurinVoronweor replace the 2 Dwarven Tomb by 2 Daeron's Runes!

@WingfootRanger : I beat, pure solo, Return to Mirkwood, with Aragorn replacing Galdor of the Havens, Anduin and I'm going to go against Conflict at the Carrock nightmare, that is also super tough soolo. I tried Steward's Fear nightmare, but only once... and got crushed right at the begining.

And for the Steed of Imladris, you must discard 2 cards (one card for each horsy) when you have 2 of them; I remeber discarding a copy of Treebeard and Boomed and Trumpeted during a turn.

Oct 01, 2016 DurinVoronwe 15

You do not need to remove anything to add Daeron's Runes. 50>53-6.

Oct 01, 2016 Lecitadin 181

@DurinVoronwe Yep!

Oct 01, 2016 Qwaz 379

@DurinVoronweThat's sound however 50-6<53-6. Even when i'm including 3xDaeron's Runes and 3xWe Are Not Idle in a deck i try to cut it down to 50 cards.