They Call Him Oakenshield

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DazeMan 690

This is a Solo deck, seeking to maximize the power of Thorin Oakenshield. You are going to want to mulligan for Narvi's Belt, with this attachment placed on Thorin Oakenshieldalong with Steward of Gondor, the King Under the Mountain can summon anyone of his dwarven brethren. Ori helps get the cards drawing faster, as does Legacy of Durin. Dain Ironfootis in place as an early game defender, and for his unparalleled global boosting of the army of dwarves. Cramis good to place on him, for the purpose of needing to use him as a defender, and then being able to ready him, to swing backwash the full strength of your army of dwarves. Origets the dwarves in hand, Thorin Oakenshieldgets the dwarves on the table, Dain Ironfoot makes all the dwarves stronger.

This is a fun deck to play, and it does not take much time for the engine to get going. Dwarves are still fun to play!

Ideal Starting Hand will have at least one of these cards: -Narvi's Belt -Kili -Steward of Gondor


Oct 03, 2016 DazeMan 690

For the Ideal starting hand, replace Kili with Fili. Those tricky rhyming names, always get me.