Bounce House - Siege of Annuminas

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Jackpls 5

I think this is what I'll be taking to Siege (dependent on cards arriving in stock).

It's a variation on the Pop Up Pirate Gandalf module allowing you to play as many Gandalfs as possible with a Galadriel twist. Downside of Pop Up Pirate is Pirate (Gandalf) might never pop up, adding in the three Galadriel gives you access to more shots at it.

Secondary theme is that with a lot of resources devoted to Gandalf and Galadriel chains you have a free segment of attachments for Beregond. Beregond uses Spear and Destrier as his restricted. Horn of Gondor is for Prince Imrahil and then it's a toss up between Golden Shield (may get cut) with Celebrian's Stone for Eowyn OR Raiment of War to make her less squishy (I'd put Citadel Plate on her but it's too expensive / can't be tutored from Galadriel).

Maybeboard includes Envoy of Pelargir to move more leadership resources onto the Prince in a time of desperate need for Steward of Gondor or to filter into tactics if you're holding too many of Thorondor's children.

Skinbark was in because I felt as if I lacked some real heavy hitting allies, Azain is there but otherwise it's mostly dedicated to ETB abilities on allies.

Also can we Cram in Cram? Another really good attachment you can nab off of Galadriel for free.