Arnor Awakened - Escape from Mt. Gram campaign mode

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Elessar010 502

This is the decklist I used in my Escape from Mt. Gram playthrough of the new Angmar Awakened Campaign! I changed the deck contents quite a bit for this quest, mainly to try and just minimize the pain of losing so many cards, and with my chosen starting hero in mind (Arwen).

Check out my game here:


Sep 23, 2022 NERD 487

I think Heir of Valandil, Descendants of Kings, and Sarn Ford Sentry would all be great inclusions. Make the deck a bit less heavy. Also, I don't think 3 Lights of Valinor are needed. Maybe add some defensive attachments instead. DĂșnedain Warning would be good. You could also consider adding Ranger Summons and Weather Hills Watchman. I think you need more cheap allies to benefit from Sword that was Broken. Also, DĂșnedain Remedy could work well with Rune-master to keep it more thematic than the Warden of Healing.

Sep 23, 2022 Elessar010 502

@NERD not sure if you're misunderstanding the description. i've already played the quest, so there's no need for tweaks lol