Dwarves Riding Bikes

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dragonwarriorfan 593

I thought it might be fun to try a different type of dwarf deck, using several cards ("bike spokes") collecting dust in my card box. I have the more common dwarf cards in my swarm/Dain deck. For this one, I wanted to try a low threat thematic dwarf deck that could power up and compete in solo (and maybe hold its own in two-player). So, I grabbed a Longbeard Map-Maker, a couple Dwarven Axes, Thror's Map and Key, some Ancestral Knowledges, an Infighting (to play with the Poisoned Stakes and A Light in the Dark) and Untroubled by Darkness. I like decks that give me choices and this can be pretty swingy but fun. The recursion with Prospector and Will of the West is good fun with Poisoned Stakes and Infighting or putting back what you dropped with Well-Equipped. I especially love Well-Equipping into Axes and hitting the quest with a powered up Map-Maker. Enjoy!