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Some Sort 3077

Some Sort has a newer deck inspired by this one: Re-Breaking the Thicket

Some Sort has a newer deck inspired by this one: Konami Code

Ever wanted a deck that knew how to press "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a" and enjoy the unlimited lives that followed? Well, this right here is probably your kind of jank.

The goal of this deck is to infinitely recur Reinforcements. With some shenanigans, you can play it every round. Basically, you want to reach the following board state: Reinforcements in hand (along with two allies, preferably), Tome of Atanatar in play, the rest of your deck in the discard.

From there, you (A) Play Reinforcements and drop two allies. (B) Blow up Tome of Atanatar to play the Second Breakfast in your discard. That Second Breakfast pulls the Tome of Atanatar you just blew up back into your hand, and then the Second Breakfast becomes the only card in your deck. (C) Play the Tome of Atanatar again. End the round.

(A) Draw a card, (Second Breakfast). (B) Blow up Tome of Atanatar to play Reinforcements from your discard. Reinforcements is now the only card in your deck. (C) Play Second Breakfast to pull back the Tome of Atanatar and play it again. End the round.

Next round you'll draw Reinforcements you're right back at your starting board state again. The entire sequence costs 6 resources per round, and can be paid for in perpetuity if you drop Song of Kings on Beravor and then either play a Steward of Gondor or a Sword-thained Ceorl, (which drops the cost of the Tome of Atanatar by one). (Remember that Théodred is getting you an extra resource every round, too.)

In terms of getting your deck into your discard, use A Good Harvest to play Longbeard Sentry and then trigger his ability every phase. There are 7 phases in a round, so it should just take a couple of rounds to mill the rest of your deck. With all of the Sneak Attack Gandalfs you can play on the way, you should have a pretty good head start already.

Hero-wise, Beravor gets you access to all of the Lore-based draw effects, plus has her own ridiculously powerful innate draw ability, which is crucial for getting your machine rolling in a timely manner. The third hero spot can go to any Leadership hero, but I like Sam Gamgee because he has high willpower, low starting threat, and can get a little bit nuts once the perpetual Gandalfing gets your threat down to zero.

The two big advantages to Reinforcements over Sneak Attack, (which is cheaper and easier to get online), are: 1) you can bring a second ally along for the ride, and 2) you can put the allies in play under anyone's control. This means once your deck is gone, you can play Gandalf across the table and let a partner draw three. And you can bring Elrond along and let the whole table draw a card, too-- an even more powerful effect in 4-player games.

Once the engine is in place, there's plenty of deck room leftover to devote to other cards with sweet enters-play effects (Mablung, Galadhrim Minstrel), or allies with temporary boosts (Beorn, Háma). See the sideboard for some ideas.


Oct 21, 2016 WingfootRanger 2494

I like seeing creative use of the Tome of Atanatar once-per-round recursion combo. I could see myself doing this too.

Nov 30, 2016 pokie 84

I have been looking for a good Tome/Sneak/Breakfast deck, and this seems solid. It might help to ensure somehow that the allies you need most can be returned from discard if you mill them with Sentry along the way.

Dec 04, 2016 Some Sort 3077

Between Beravor, Daeron's Runes, Deep Knowledge, and Heed the Dream, I've never had a problem digging out a pair of useful allies before pulling the rip cord.