Forth Eorlingas!

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Neurion 8

I wanted to do a Rohan deck since I started playing the game. I first had the idea of making a full on tactics deck with Éomer,Théoden and Éowyn. But I couldn't find a way I liked it. So after making spirit Théoden a main heroe, I found Elfhelm and his awesome combo with mounts. Erkenbrand is just for defending with the armored destrier.

So that is a main combo, the mounts. You will want them out as soon as possible and probably the Steward of Gondor on Théoden, because the second combo is about sending as many allies as possible onto the board with Theoden abbility. An ally you must have in play is Gamling, because many cards make you discard Rohan allies and he is the one to stop you from losing them. He works specially well with Escort from Edoras.

The other cards are either for questing, defending, or making the main combos easier, or both. Galadriel is good for the finding the mounts or attachments needed, Gandalf for some threat lowering...