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prince 24

  • Snowmane and Herugrim go on Eowyn
  • Heir of Mardil and Golden Shield go on Theoden

This deck can work for both solo and multiplayer, and is definitely a hero-centric build, as opposed to an ally army or some other build. Also, as far as Rohan decks go, this one isn't reliant on discard effects.

This deck is all about getting as much advantage out of Eowyn and Theoden as possible. Poor Theodred is once again there only to support the flashier heroes. Eowyn is likely to quest every round, so popping Snowmane on her is key. Then, though it's at a premium cost, Herugrim also goes on her. She is now our primary attacker.

Theoden will normally be able to ready using Theodred's ability combined with Heir of Mardil, but Errand Rider's ability can also be used with HoM in a pinch. Between Golden Shield and Armored Destrier, Theoden can be a pretty decent defender, but he's by no means a tank.

I may actually take Foe-Hammer out, since Herugrim has to exhaust thus making Foe-Hammer a little harder to set up. Still, normally I have enough attack out that if I want to trigger Foe-Hammer, I am able to do so.


Ride to Ruin Sterner than Steel Ally Galadriel


Nov 04, 2016 prince 24

Thinking about going to 1 Galadhrim's Greeting, but I had a bad threat experience in my first testing session so...