City of Corsairs solo deck

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Lecitadin 181

I tried some other decks to beat this quest solo, but I was getting crushed each time.... until I realized that this quest throws so many ennemies at you that our Dunedain friends are probably a perfect fit!

Every attachment can go on Aragorn.

Quest strategies

SPOILER: Remember to heal everybody with Waters of Nimrodel before moving to a certain quest stage, before you can lose 99% of your crew!

I had to eventually kill almost every ennemies engaged with me, because some Corsairs, with their resources abilities, were attacking for 11 or 12.

I did not make any sailing tests, I kept the Stormcaller in play and eventually destroying it to go to stage 2, without putting progress on the quest card.

Have fun!

This deck is a modified version of Seastn's Captain of Dunedain deck.