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kovnikmike 14

kovnikmike has a newer deck inspired by this one: Cirdwyn?

A mono spirit deck I made to take on "The Temple of the Deceived". I really enjoy the 2 cost or less detriment the undead encounters of the dream chaser cycle bring. "The Fate of Numenor" encounter in the Grey Havens proved to move to fast for this deck and I ended up using my signature "Watermelon" deck that was enough to bully the encounter into submission regardless of low cost cards.

Temple of the deceived is a much slower, and frankly easier, encounter. I saw the opportunity to get some bigger cost cards and try for some plays that most encounters don't give you time to set up when playing with one deck solo.

Originally I had some willpower buffing cards in the deck but after a few tries of me blowing up my total will power (thank you Pelargir Shipwright) and losing to threat maxing out via getting lost in the jungle I opted for threat reduction cards.

Still waiting to hit the combo of Prince Imrahil in play, The Fall of Gil-Galad, and a brave hero ready to fall on a sword to give me an extra 9 turns.

Glorfindel and Map of Earnil work great with CĂ­rdan the Shipwright passive ability and Emery ETB effect.

Specifically for the quest, Celduin Traveler and Rhovanion Outrider great. The former provides a peak at the top card of the encounter deck that will never be a location, and the latter provides some options to gain some peaks at extra cards in the staging area while providing a boost to willpower.