Oh Trap!

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Crabble1337 3

This is a classic Mono-Lore-Trapdeck with a little tactic splash. This is done simply to:
-get Denethor ready to engage enemies in the later rounds
-get Legolas out for drawing cards
-get weapons for Haldir of Lórien and Legolas
Without weapons Haldir of Lórien can't one-shot an enemy on his own and you miss out on getting cards via Foe-hammer.
Weapons go on Haldir of Lórien first, then Legolas, Denethor gets Gondorian Shield and A Burning Brand, Wingfoot is for Haldir of Lórien.
Elf-stone is there to get out your 3+ allies a lot cheaper and Rivendell Minstrel gets you your needed Song of Battle so no need for extra copies there.
You will have a lot of card draw (Damrod gets you cards via traps too) so 55 cards is not that bad and this deck really shines in multiplayer. If you didn't need Denethor for defense simply use his ability that combos really well with all the traps and Wingfoot.
The rest should be self-explaining. I really like playing this deck and it lets you control combat as well as locations. Hope you enjoy it!


Dec 08, 2016 D4rkWolf10 486

I have a similar deck I've posted. Have you considered Ranger Spear? Attaching several of those to Haldir of Lórien makes him very strong with this strategy and might eliminate the need for so many Tactics attachments which rely on your one copy of Song of Battle to be used.

Jan 17, 2017 Crabble1337 3

@D4rkWolf10 That is cerntainly an option but you might still want to play Foe-hammer and the Gondorian Shields so tactic would like stay in this deck. With the amount of draw and the easy access to the tactic song via Rivendell Minstrel it was never a problem to get the tactic part of this deck going. It's more likely that you would eleminate cards like Thors Map or Lindon Navigator for non sailing quests to get the Ragner Spear into this deck as extra weapons. But your suggestion is definetly viable and playable, it's more a question of taste I think. ;)