Warriors of Numenor

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D4rkWolf10 486

I have recently realized that I play mostly Lore and Spirit focused decks, with Leadership coming in a close 3rd. Tactics I rarely use ever, or it plays a minor role if I do play it. So, this is my first attempt at a full on combat deck. Please give advice where you see changes that could be made.

Pretty simple concept: make everyone big with your attachments, wipe the board of enemies, rinse and repeat. Ideally, you'll be able to engage a couple of weeks enemies and not kill them to get the most out of Amarthiúl. The attachments, with the exception of a few unique ones, can go on almost any of your allies or heroes depending on what you need or want. Sword that was Broken helps with questing in the late game if you and your teammates are having trouble in that area.

As with all decks I post, the deck goes best with a deck that can quest, heal, threat reduce, etc. I just find playing with other people to be more fun than solo. Best of luck with the deck, please post any changes or suggestions below!


Dec 31, 2016 WingfootRanger 2507

Good deck overall. In my observation Faramir would help questing more than Sword that was Broken, but that also depends on who is questing with more characters (still likely to be the questing deck). You could run both and stand a very good chance of helping the questing.

I'd go for Sterner than Steel over Goblin-cleaver, but that's just me. Also, what are you going to do when A Very Good Tale pulls 2 Dúnedain Hunters?

Jan 02, 2017 toxiczammy 175

I know you try to stay away from power cards, but using the Master Ironsmith's ability will be difficult for this deck, unless you had Steward of Gondor or some other resource generation. You probably already considered that though.

Also, Battle-fury is a great card for multiplayer and I would suggest replacing quick strike with it. Of course this would only work if you are in multiplayer and someone is running a spirit deck or if you got Celebrían's Stone on Aragorn.