Summons of the Seeing Stone

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ksym77 176

This is a solo deck designed to get the most out of Lanwyn's ability when combined with Ranger Summons. Lanwyn is a great hero, combining decent questing power with strong attack and her power grants some defence against the worst encounter card keyword - and is even better against the Treacheries that Surge if they have no effect as you get her bonus for no cost. Ranger of the North even provides a benefit alongside Surge and the rest of the deck is set up to assist in finding these powerful allies. Shadow of the Past will return missed Rangers to the top of the deck ready to be found, and can also allow dead Rangers to rejoin the party. Eleanor's ability is not only extremely useful at preventing the most dangerous Treacheries, but since she causes the card to be discarded she helps to trim the encounter deck and bring the Rangers closer to the top. The same is true of Celduin Traveler who can discard locations from the top of the deck for the same purpose - or simply give us knowledge of an upcoming enemy or Treachery. Weather Hills Watchman is there to ensure we find our Ranger Summons or find a Dúnedain Warning, Mark, or Remedy that can help with combat.

When her ability is not needed, Elenor can use the Palantir to scry the encounter deck and give us knowledge of what is coming whilst also drawing cards. To counteract the threat gain, we have The Galadhrim's Greeting and - since Lanwyn is a Scout and Eleanor a Noble - Well Warned to help keep us below Sauron's notice. The Palantir is amazing with Lanwyn as it gives us knowledge of what a card with Surge is going to Surge into. If an enemy is coming we can ready Lanwyn whilst if a Location or Treachery will be revealed we can boost her willpower to help with questing. It also allows us to keep her back to deal with enemies if we know her willpower will not be needed in this round. Equally, it lets us know if Celduin Traveler is going to hit a location or if it is worth saving him for a later round to get the full benefit of his ability. Since we are hopefully drawing a few extra cards each turn via the Palantir, a single copy of Will of the West should ensure the deck never runs out of options in the late game.

Early game the plan is to stay below the radar of most enemies whilst building up allies and attachments. Amarthiúl should be able to defend against most threats - especially once he has picked up an Armored Destrier and Dúnedain Warning - whilst the allies and Lanwyn take care of questing and Eleanor focuses on cancellation and the Palantir. Ranger of Cardolan is an awesome ally for any deck with a Dunedain hero as he can be used as a pseudo-Feint - jumping in to die against a strong attacker - or to provide the extra attack needed to finish off a troublesome enemy. Between Palantir, Ancient Mathom and Gandalf we ought to have enough card draw not to worry too much about using the Rangers in this way.


Feb 17, 2017 HootsFromErebor 47

Great deck! I like the secondary use of card effects to bring Ranger of the North closer to the top of the encounter deck. Always nice to see good use made out of the Palantir too.

Looks like there are plenty of allies there (not only Gandalf) that would combo well with Sneak Attack, is there any reason you left it out?

Feb 18, 2017 ksym77 176

@HootsFromErebor - Thank you! The only reason Sneak Attack didn't make it into this deck is because I seem to end up using the Sneak Attack/Gandalf combo in every Leadership deck I make so I wanted to try a deck without it to see how it would perform!