Ranger, I Hardly Know Her!

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BilboBarnard 43

Very Ranger Based, questing quickly and killing enemies before they get to make many (if any) attacks.

Will probably struggle against bosses as there isn't much in the way of Defence.


Mar 01, 2017 D4rkWolf10 473

Do you find yourself having issues getting the cards you want when you want them? Having 60 cards and no card draw besides Damrod seems like it could make things difficult for you, especially given the percentage of your deck that is traps is smaller than ally count. It seems to me that you would have to draw into multiple traps early to really establish a foothold for yourself.

If you have not tested this I would recommend considering slimming down to 50 cards if you can, as my past experiences with 60 card decks have not been positive. I also would include some form of additional draw, preferably Mithrandir's Advice and/or Daeron's Runes.

Overall I like the deck, I just question if you'll get as much value out of it as you hope. I've found in my own trap decks that if you're not more focused on them than you are on paying for allies, you quickly get into situations where you have too many good things competing for your resources.

Mar 03, 2017 BilboBarnard 43

So I'm fairly new to the game and am currently using my friends sets to play with, we're going to an event and so he asked if I wanted to make a deck on here for him to put together for me and use that. However I marked all the sets he has as not having, and the ones he doesn't have as owning (if that makes sense) so he has none of these cards so I'll not be able to use or test this deck... Whoops :P

However, I'm used to MTG so 60 cards just feels right for me (I know 50 would be better but I'm spoilt for choice). The intention was to play with it, then figure out what I use very little of and slim down (which obviously won't happen).

But in either case, thanks for the advice!