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mbrowne1719 8

So I wanted to play around with the Harad trait that just began in the new cycle. I have really enjoyed the power of the band of Harad allies that came out of the Mumakil. The goal is to get either Steward of Gondor or a Master of the Forge (to fetch Steward of Gondor) and play it on Kahliel so he can pay for all the expensive Harad allies. Kahliel also can become a strong defender with a Dúnedain Warning and Armored Destrier.

Merry's exhaust effect can really help keep your threat low. If you can attach 1-2 Fast Hitchs on him, he can quest, exhaust to reduce threat with a revealed enemy, and be ready to lend his attack. Use Firyal's ability or Henamarth Riversong to scry and get rid of nasty treacheries.

With such low threat you should be able to keep most enemies in the staging area, which of course allows Haldir of Lórien to snipe away. This should give you time to build up not only Harad allies, but also companions if any slip through. Wingfoot or Light of Valinor goes on Haldir of Lórien so he can quest and ready to snipe back.

I probably could have included more events, especially shadow cancellation, but overall I really like the high level of allies and attachments as you almost always get what you need.