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Arrhias 138

This deck is optimised to keep secret to prepare your play.

To keep Secrecy, we start with 20 Threat. But if you use the capacity of Galadriel you have 19. If you have a bad card or loose Quest you have Elrond's Counsel or Elfhelm

But with 7 with heroes is difficult to loose a quest, without ally (Ethir Swordsman,Arwen Undómiel,Celduin Traveler etc...).

To ready a heroes 3 cards is use :

is very important and i have had 4 card to have this.

To Defend

To attack

To explore

To draw

To resource

A bonus

A very good hand :

  1. Song of Wisdom to very important
  2. Light of Valinor to quest and attack
  3. Snowmane to quest and defend
  4. Resourceful MONEY !
  5. Golden Shield to defend
  6. Arwen Undómiel to quest and defend

Good luck


Mar 29, 2017 Taurelin 356

Nenya's wording says "Quest action". This means that you can only use it to support Eowyn while questing, not during combat.

Apart from that, I would try to cut down to 50 cards for more consistency.

Mar 29, 2017 Arrhias 138

Ok for Nenya, i have change in description, during my game i don't use it so it's working without.

But it's difficulte to sacrify 3 cards, and i have Daeron's Runes who help to draw free.

After a lot of game i say here if some card it's useless to follow your tip off

sorry for my english

Mar 29, 2017 Arrhias 138

Mar 29, 2017 Taurelin 356

I would cut Elven light. You can only discard if you have Protector of Lorien. And you can only play Protector of Lorien if you get Nenya or a song... That's just too many "if"s. Until then, Elven-light is just dead weight. With Galadriel + Runes you have plenty carddraw, anyway.

Mar 29, 2017 Arrhias 138

ok thanks