Karaoke Night

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Arathorn7 34

I know, I know... This deck seems to have too many cards but trust me (or trust Erestor). It gets the job done! I included as many song cards as I could in it (this is my current song pool after all). Try to get Love of Tales in your hand (at least one). It's the key to gaining resources, of course! The neutral songs are also important to "balance" your heroes' different spheres. Once you get these going, nothing stops you, really. There's no limitation in playing songs (except from the ones + The Fall of Gil-Galad. Don't pity the other cards, they are expendable. The allies were also just a crazy idea of mine that came to me because of O Lórien!. Maybe having Celeborn somewhere else on the table would really make them shine. In my opinion this is a uniquely fun deck to have in a three or especially four-player game because the neutral songs can be passed to other players. Feel free to make any adds or reductions in cards especially if you have other interesting songs at your disposal. Enjoy!