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_EricTheCleric has a newer deck inspired by this one: Fredegar Bolger: BAMF

Here Fatty Bolger halted. 'Good-bye, Frodo!' he said 'I wish you were not going into the Forest. I only hope you will not need rescuing before the day is out. But good luck to you - today and every day!'

What if Gandalf did turn up at Crickhollow and what if he convinced Fatty to join him and catch up with the hobbits in the forest? Would it have really made a difference? I don't know, but it's a good enough thematic excuse for me pretending it's why I made this deck.


This is the deck I'm currently using to play through the Lord of the Rings Saga campaign with BilboBarnard and his Green Dragon Pub Crawl deck. It's our first play through the saga and we're doing a somewhat lazy version of keeping it thematic, in that we'll do it when it's convenient. All missions are being played on Easy mode and we are using my somewhat limited card pool.

We left the Shire with Sam, Merry, Pippin, Fatty, Gandalf and Beravor. The company of six made it through the Shire, the Old Forest and the Barrow Downs unscathed, honoured by several appearances from Gildor Inglorion and Tom Bombadil.

Unfortunately our fantastic card draw machine fell at the hands of the Nazgul at Weathertop in our last mission. Now a new hero joins the group as they attempt their last stretch to Rivendell. Is it Glorfindel like in the books? Is it Arwen like in the films? No, it's a dwarf with a pint of beer. Yay!! I'm sure Merry and Pippin would be more than happy to accept Nori and his pint sized tankards of ale.


Without Beravor, the deck is now very dependant on getting good card draw setup ASAP. Ancient Mathom and Hobbit Pipe are ok, but the best card draw lies with Expert Treasure-hunter. It's so good when combined with the first sentence of Gandalf's passive ability that it's worth the inconvenience of having to find some way of playing Lore cards first, for which we have Song of Wisdom, Wizard Pipe and Bilbo Baggins for finding said pipe. So in the opening hand, I mulligan for card draw and the ability to play Lore.

Nori and Gandalf will commit to nearly every quest, so it's helpful to be able to ready Gandalf and use his big stats in the combat phase and Miruvor and Flame of Anor should help you do this along the way to the later game.


Now the name of the game is "Pimp out Gandalf". Nearly all the attachments are intended for him, but primarily Unexpected Courage is the aim. I don't think I've used Word of Command for anything other than Unexpected Courage.

Though it's fun combining Expert Treasure-hunter and Zigil Miner with Gandalf's passive ability, it will mill the deck quickly, so keep an eye out for how many of the two Dwarven Tombs and the one Will of the West have gone past. If two of them are in the discard pile, stop using Zigil Miner's ability. It's not worse risking discarding the final means of recycling the entire deck.

Another fun trick with this deck is using Word of Command while Miruvor is attached to Gandalf. You can search the deck for whatever you need, ready Gandalf and put Miruvor on top of the deck with its ability, then use Gandalf's ability to play Miruvor from the top of your deck back onto Gandalf!!


If all the threat reduction becomes a bit unnecessary, I'll be swapping out the pipes and maybe a couple of dwarf allies for some second or third copies of my favourite attachments.

Most of the sideboard is for upcoming missions, such as Ever My Heart Rises, Untroubled by Darkness and Ancestral Knowledge who will all do pretty well in Moria.

The swap I am most looking forward to putting two copies of Shadowfax in for the DĂșnedain Cache and DĂșnedain Signal. The Treason of Saruman is top of my shopping list at UK Games Expo next week.