Erkenbrand Holds The Line

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StephenMotz 110

This is an effective support deck that I've been using consistently in 4 player games. The main objective of this deck is to load up Erkenbrand with Armored Destrier and Dúnedain Warning to make him a shadowing cancelling sentinel wall of defense. Rivendell Minstrel quickly pulls out The Day's Rising so Erkenbrand can start earning his keep while also providing some decent willpower.

Haldir of Lórien allows Lembas to be played to keep Erkenbrand healthy, and Erebor Hammersmith restocks your supplies of Lembas after they are discarded. Haldir of Lórien also provides powerful ranged attacks when he's loaded up with Dúnedain Mark.

Bifur is one of my favorite heroes, providing resource smoothing that pairs well with Gaining Strength. This combo lets you drop a 3 cost ally turn 1, and can also be paired with Errand-rider to move that extra resource back to Erkenbrand. He also allows you to play King Under the Mountain, one of the best card draw effects in the game. Ithilien Archer work with Haldir of Lórien to provide extra ranged attacks.

The events are simply about grabbing more cards for you and your friends, and using Sneak Attack to drop Elrond, Galadriel, or Gandalf, or all three at once possibly. The side board lets you swap out one of your heroes for a reasonable replacement in a multiplayer game without too much of a hindrance to the strategy. If you do have to sub in Mirlonde, you might want to also swap the Dúnedain Marks, for Dúnedain Caches to provide ranged attacks, although they will be weaker. If nobody is running Steward of Gondor, then swap that for Gaining Strength and you'll never want for money again.

Try to avoid engagements so that you can use Haldir of Lórien to pick off enemies around the table or in the staging area before enemy attacks are resolved, and Erkenbrand to block/cancel shadows for other players. use Warden of Healing and Campfire Tales to heal and draw cards for everyone. This deck can be a bit of a slow starter, but with the right opening hand and a couple of good plays, you will quickly become a great asset to other players, allowing questing decks to quest harder, and attack decks to kill faster.