The red Arrow for Silvan

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Arrhias 132

Deck jump silvan within Hirgon.

Haldir is here to snipe any with :

So with Hands Upon the Bow you can one shot an ennemie with 2 and 7 you can use to with Marksman of Lórien just enter 2 and 5

Hirgon and O lorien reduce price to 2 ally so Legolas or Rúmil for 2 golds

Steward of Gondor is for Hirgon .


Jun 10, 2017 Maogrim 105

Looks quite good, though not paying tribute to my particular thematic needs (cough Steward cough). ;)

Still I'd recommend Greenwood Archer instead of Silverlode Archer, because he's simply better. Also Celeborn should bring Naith Guide, so he can effectively quest without exhausting.

Jun 10, 2017 Arrhias 132

Yes perhaps, but the goal of this deck is distance attack, and kill ennemies.

And with Hands Upon the Bow you can kill a ennemies before the quest so reduce the quest. With sneak attack and Rumil too...

I agree with you for greenwood archer but naith is not ranged.

Thank for your comments

Jun 11, 2017 Maogrim 105

Mirkwood Runner, Defender of the Naith and Silvan Tracker aren't Ranged either. ;)

If you deem it key to have certain events in hand, Sneak Attack or Hands Upon the Bow, then you might want to bring Galadhrim Minstrels. They fetch you events and may easily be switched for attackers via The Tree People.