We must away, Ere Break of the Day! solo

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peacetop 2

This Deck is built for soloing the quest "We must away Ere Break of the Day" in the first Hobbit box. 3 Core sets are required as well as packs up to Heirs of Númenor. However you could actually tweak the deck to using only 1-2 Core Sets. This deck is not made for a good score! It's just a fun strategy I wanted to share. Due to the stalling strategy we play many many rounds so our score will be very high, keep that in mind!

The main strategy is stalling until we have Troll Camp in play and Gimli is powered up enough to kill all the trolls in 1-3 rounds.

How to kill the trolls?

Due to Tom's ability, we can only attack with one character at a time, we use Gimli for this. We attach 2 Dwarrowdelf Axes to him, keep all 3 Khazâd! Khâzad! and all 3 Heavy Strokes in our hand. If possible, we attach up to two Unexpected Courage on Gimli. Then we engage as many trolls as we have Unexpected Courages on Gimli and attack.

Damage: 2 [Gimli] + 2 [DA] + 3 [K!K!] = 7 -> 7 - 2 [Armor] = 5 -> 5 * 2 [HS] = 10 -> 10 + 2 [direct damage of DA] = 12 damage -> DEAD TROLL!

Triggering Unexpected Courage, we can do the same again -> DEAD TROLL!

With Gandalf [Core] and Goblin-Cleavers we can lower the damage needed to kill the troll, so we may need a combopiece less.

If we don't have enough Unexpected Courages in play, we can keep Trolls in the staging area by playing Ranger Spikes before advancing to the second quest stage.

The other problem are the Sack-cards -> Another requirement for this strategy to work is having Troll Camp in play to get rid of the Sack-Cards on Gimli.

That's a big combo! How do we get all these cards?

Fairly easy. Our prioritized draw engine is Beravor. Because we do not need much willpower in this quest, we have Beravor ready fairly often so we can draw two cards almost every round.

We play Master of the Forge to draw as many of our Attachments as possible, and have Daeron's Runes in our deck to draw. Gandalf [Core] can be used as well.

But even with all this draw in the deck, we still need some time to draw the pieces we need!

That is why the first part of our strategy is to stall. To stall we need to know how much willpower we need to commit to the quest to progress as slowly as possible. We gain that knowledge with Henamarth Riversong (3x). With his ability we can commit the perfect amount of willpower to stall as many rounds as we want. If we do not draw Henamarth at all, we still have Late Adventurer to help.

When we stall, our threat will go up considerably, so we play Elfhelm to counter the doomed-cards in the encounter deck and The Galadhrim's Greeting to reset our threat level.

Bofur, Erebor Record Keeper, The Riddermark's Finest are included to help with questing so we can do more with our heroe's exhaust abilities.

Summary of the strategy

Quest as slowly as possible. Draw as much as possible. Once you have Troll Camp in play and Gimli ready, go to the next stage and kill the trolls with our favorite dwarf.

(sorry for my imperfect english)