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openMfly 229

I took the new expansions and made a update to my Version of Caldara.

Discarding allies:

  • Cirdan (his skill)
  • Arwen (her skill)
  • Elven Jeweler
  • Emery
  • Erebor Guard
  • Glorfindel

Getting resources:

  • Arwen
  • Sword-thain

Getting cards:

  • Elven-light
  • Cirdan
  • Lindir (rarely)

First round Emery + Sword-thain or Prince Imrahil. Try to get 3 bigger allies in you discardpile (use Cirdan, Arwen, Elven Jeweler, Emery). Quest with Caldara and discard her after adventure phase to get out 3 strong allies in the first turn. In turn 3 or 4 play Fortune or Fate and repeat.

Jubayr is a good defender in combination with Narya. But on the heavy hitters you have to discard chump blocker. Not such a big problem for this deck.

This deck is one of the stronger solo decks. For some scenarios like Shadow and Flame nightmare you can switch Cirdan (and Light of Valinor + Narya)) with Galadriel (Nenya and mirror).