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Some Sort 3077

Ever since I first opened Over Hill and Under Hill, I loved the idea of pairing Thorin and Ori. An extra card every turn, and an extra resource to help pay for it? Sign me up!

The problem has always been getting those two extra dwarves out quickly enough to start earning your benefit. Best case scenario, you get an opening-hand We Are Not Idle and Fili or Kili, getting you to five on round one. Worst case scenario, none of your tricks show up and you're left saving for a couple of rounds to pay for a couple 3-cost unique allies the old-fashioned way.

It's only recently that I've started playing around with humble, unassuming Bombur. And you know what? He doesn't suck! Aside from the fact that he's a pretty solid defender for his threat, and the fact that just being on the table gets us one dwarf closer to our goal, having two lore heroes means we can pay for one of those 1- or 2-cost lore dwarves on turn one with no shenanigans. And just how many 1- or 2-cost lore dwarves on there? If you have one copy of the core set, 10. If you have a second copy, 12. That's a lot.

With one copy of the core set, the odds of failing to draw a 2-cost lore dwarf in your opening six, mulliganing, and then failing to draw a 2-cost lore dwarf in your opening seven again are just under 5%. So in 19 out of 20 games, you'll have your two resource generators going by round 2. How's that for consistency!

(This actually understates the odds, as even if you fail to get a 2-cost lore dwarf in your second seven, there's a fantastic chance you got a Daeron's Runes or We Are Not Idle, instead, either of which will get you a look at more cards for no resource cost.)

If Bombur gets you to five dwarves just one round faster, that's an extra resource and card over the course of the game, (both coming in the all-important "establish a foothold" early stages of the quest). If he gets you there two turns faster, that's two extra resources and two extra cards. Not bad for an 8-threat hero.

Beyond that, the deck is a standard, (if Dáin-less), Dwarf swarm deck. (The lack of Dáin is a feature, not a bug, and the less-common dwarf heroes means it tends to play nicely with other popular dwarf decks.) The deck includes Gaining Strength and Parting Gifts in the sideboard because I like to use it as an Oprah deck, too, generating far more resources than it needs and sending them across the table where I've paired another resource-starved but otherwise powerful deck. (Gaining Strength is really nice with Thorin, as his extra resource generation completely negates its drawback.) I usually play the Steward of Gondor across the table in multiplayer, too, since I have little need for it.

If you don't want to be Oprah, (YOU get a resource! And YOU get a resource! And YOU get a resource!), or if you prefer a more thematic deck, or if you have a more limited card pool, you can easily ditch the errand-riders and Steward. In their place, cards like Durin's Song and To me! O my kinsfolk! are flexible replacements.