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Attack on Dol Guldur - 4P
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Denison 575


1/4 of a fellowship for the Attack on Dol Guldur. Paired with a Noldor, Silvan and Hirgon deck.


  1. Questing - Likely questing for about 10 right out of the gate. In addition to Cirdan & Lanwyn base stats, Lanwyn is likely to get a surge boost in 4 player and the Silvan's get Celeborn's boost.

  2. Multiplayer - Beregond and Lanwyn are there to help out all over the board. Lots of attachments coming over from the Tactics deck to give them boosts. All kinds of readying attachments for these and other heroes.

  3. Location Control - With location lock always the bane of the 4 player experience, several allies are present to help mitigate the staging area. Many Silvans in the decks will ensure that Hithlain removes any troublesome locations.

  4. Cancellation - Ways to cancel treacheries, shadows, surges, and conditions are all here.

Opening Hand

The deck is built for balance, so a good mix of types is helpful. Readying for Beregond is the first priority, with Unexpected Courage being ideal.


If the encounter doesn't feature condition attachments, Power of Orthanc can be removed. Hasty Stroke can help cancel shadow effects (that are increasingly nasty these days.)


Aug 14, 2017 TheChad 9967

Looks really good!