Sons of Elrond... and the In-Law...

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Family Reunion
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Mr. Meson 50

This is the other deck in the Family Reunion Fellowship. This deck primarily focuses on attacking and defending.

Because of Aragorn's incredible ability to pull any enemy after destroying another, you can help relieve pressure on the other deck by taking on all the enemies head on.

You want to mulligan for any of the resource generation focused cards. Slap Steward of Gondor down on Elrohir ASAP. Gondorian Shield is meant to go on him too should you draw it. You will be able to defend multiple times and afford to send various Dunedain attachments.

Steed of the North is around in case you are finding you need to send any of these fine chaps to the quest and then ready them.

Sword of Numenor is very ideal on Aragorn.

The allies are back up defense in case things are going really slow.