Daddy... Why Does Grandma Turn Blue When She's Angry?

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Family Reunion
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Mr. Meson 50

This is the other deck in the Family Reunion Fellowship. This deck is all about questing and early game resource generating.

It goes without saying Arwen has one of the most powerful abilities. Whether you are seeking to draw cards with Elven-Light, give resouces to Elladan or Elrohir for extra attacks or defenses, or simply trying to get extra allies out, her ability is key.

The Ring of Barahir, Wingfoot, and Dunedain Pipe are meant to be played on Aragorn.

Double back was included as emergency threat reduction, with Favor of the Valar being the worst case scenario.

You really want Elven-light in your starting hand, as that really helps the deck get going. If you draw Glorfindel early in the game and are unable to hit him with a Zigil Miner, chuck him for a resource and when you need him most, play him from your discard pile.

You certainly want an Unexpected Courage on Galadriel so that you can benefit from both her ring and her action ability.

Light of Valinor is best on Elrond in this case.