Flash Harad

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Flash Harad 0 0 2 1.0
Inspiration for
Man Kahliel 14 6 7 1.0
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Marcelf 1327

Marcelf has a newer deck inspired by this one: Man Kahliel

Nothing special to say just applying the denethor 2 erestor aggressive combo to Harad.

you can easily play one or two big Harad allies turn 1 with A Very Good Tale. You can ready the one you exhausted with Kahliel's capacity.

With Kahliel's Headdress harad allies become recursive which is great in an Erestor deck!

Steward of Gondor should be 3x but i only have one core set. Its the most boring card in the game but we need it^^

Gandalf was included to manage the threat of Legacy of NĂºmenor. Play A Very Good Tale during the refresh phase when Gandalf readies and before he is discarded. Gandalf and Ioreth telling tales often make a big Harad ally come^^