No Outlands Lord of Morthond

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No Outlands, Dunedain and gondor Lord of Morthond build 1 1 3 1.0
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stephenball 254

The concept of the deck has been brought up before, but it has always been a mystery as to what the deck would look like. There have been multiple versions of this that I've tried, but I think this is the most competent version of the deck.

Mulligan to try and get Lord of Morthond obviously, and Treebeard if possible. Amarthiúl is here to grant you the tactics resource icon without needing a song or the Narvi's Belt, Faramir is here obviously for the ents and also to give you a Gondorian hero to attach LoM to if you haven't gotten Steward going, and Balin is here as a reasonable threat hero that also gives you access to King Under the Mountain and Narvi's Belt (plus the obvious shadow mitigation).

It's not the BEST deck, but it's probably the best one can do given the restriction.


Apr 06, 2016 sappidus 688

Chutzpah! Love it.

Apr 06, 2016 noctum 19


Apr 06, 2016 noctum 19

Made a new deck based on yours with aragorn instead of Balin along with a support deck, thx for the idea

Apr 06, 2016 stephenball 254

@noctumCool! I'll never be upset about Leadership Aragorn being added to a deck, one of my favorites still