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LordTh 67

Warning! I have not played this deck yet. I don't even own the Mountain of Fire Saga expansion yet. But I have not seen anyone try to build a Tom Cotton deck so I did. I know I wrote an essay about this deck, I'm sorry about that but I needed to write my thoughts about what to do and how to play this deck. If anyone own the Mountain of Fire please build and play with the deck and comment bellow if it worked, I'm curious to know :)

This is a hobbit deck with a lot of hobbits. With the new Hobbit hero Tom Cotton I recon that the hobbit synergy like Dwarf and Silvan is on its way.

I'm quite sure this deck is not finished yet and I would not take it to any quest with a lot of direct damage or Archery. I hope we will see some new more powerful hobbit allies soon. And if you have a friend who plays or you play two-handed, make sure they/you bring healing in that deck.

The deck is mostly based on Tom Cotton and his both passive abilities. The first one that allows you to play any Hobbit ally without resource match make it possible to play one or maybe two hobbit allies every turn. One in particular is Rosie Cotton which doesn't match any of the heroes spheres. Why in the h*ll would you then even wanna play a hobbit ally? They are squishy, weak and has no attack or defense power. Well this is true, but Tom Cotton has another passive ability.

The other ability gives Hobbit allies +2 when it comes into play until the end of the round. This ability make the squishy Hobbit a little more playable. Now you think that "well that is only for one turn, and it will make you wanna not quest with the ally for that turn to use it correctly". Again I do agree with you but I have one little solution and it is an ally that has been hated on by most and I have not seen any purpose of it in any deck, until now. It is Curious Brandybuck. Curious Brandybuck can be played for free when you travel to a location and when he enters play he get +2 to attack during the combat phase and then he can quest for 2 until you explore the location you traveled to. Now he is placed on the bottom of the deck but this deck has quite a lot of card draw Pippins passive ability, Peace, and Thought, Foe-hammer and in a way Raise the Shire. So in a good game you would get through your deck in 4-8 turns. This will make all the Curious Brandybuck return to you turn after turn and you could play them all after you travel. This means that you will have 3 solid 2 allies for free almost every turn.

Another cool thing to mention is that when you have gotten most or maybe even all your Hobbit allies on the board you can reduce your threat with Elevenses for up to 17 threat in one go. Which is insane, though if you gonna do this you have to have good control of the encounter deck or another deck to help with questing.


You want to see at least one Resourceful in your starting hand and I would say that a Peace, and Thought would be great as well. Then the rest of the cards is mostly depending on the quest and what you wanna do with it, but Dagger of Westernesse, Rosie Cotton, Fast Hitch or Raise the Shire is all good starting cards.

At least one Ring Mail should go on Tom Cotton

Friend of Friends should be on Tom Cotton and probably Merry.

Put Dagger of Westernesse on Merry. (Pippin is almost as good, but it is more likely that you want to put Fast Hitch on Merry than Pippin)

At least one (the first you get) of the Resourceful should be put on Tom Cotton. This is because aside of allies most cards are cards and because of Tom Cottons passive you can play your allies reliably with all your resources.

Fast Hitch should be placed on Tom Cotton, Merry and the last one is placed on whoever it fits the most. Don't forget that it can go on Rosie Cotton, as well as one of the heroes, to get the most of her ability.

Raise the Shire is used to get Rosie Cotton, if you already got her, you can chose to get another one you want, as I said before, Curious Brandybuck is not a bad choice especially if it is on the bottom of your deck (because of his ability).

Merry is used to quest in the beginning, then reduce your threat and attack in the middle to late game.

Final thoughts: I would not say this is not a power deck, but I think it will be fun to play. It has potential to do good, Tom Cotton could be a decent defender and with Rosie Cotton all hobbits can quest amazingly and attack decently. It is fun to see that hobbits get some fun cards that makes it worth considering to bring any hobbit allies.