Steward of Rohan

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LordTh 67

This is a new Rohan deck, that tries to be as thematic as possible. The only card that does not belong in this deck is really Steward of Gondor, but it is essential for the deck to function.

The deck includes all of the fun Rohan cards that makes these heroes unique, all their own mounts, Firefoot, Snowmane and Windfola + both Herugrim and Gúthwinë which make these heroes to real powerhouses.

Starting hand:

A copy of Steward of Gondor is almost essential to get in your starting hand, one of the three mounts and a Westfold Horse-breeder is also very good.

Strategy: Éomer wants Steward of Gondor so he can use his ability as often as he needs to. He also like his sword and horse as well. Théoden wants his sword Herugrim, his horse Snowmane and the Golden Shield. This will make him a good quester, defender and attacker. To give him a Unexpected Courage is also a solid move to give him access to all his item. He also like to sing The Day's Rising so make him sing. Éowyn only wants her horse Windfola you could give her a Unexpected Courage and then give her Herugrim to make her the official attacker. It is not thematic but it is a little bit more powerful.

Éomer will take care of most enemies in the staging area before they become an issue, but otherwise Théoden. Éowyn can make her ability to kill a big enemy or a boss if it is needed.

The rest of the cards more or less plays them self, you can discard your allies for their effect because you have both Gamling and Gúthwinë to bring them back to your hand. Valiant Sacrifice is in the deck to bring you cards.

A nice looking thematic (almost) deck to play against most quest.


Dec 31, 2017 Benedikt 247

This deck looks great! Who gets the Steward of Gondor? I would probably integrate 2 or 3 copies of A Test of Will.

Jan 01, 2018 Benedikt 247

Maybe you could swap some cards for a copies of the Errand-rider, play the steward on Theoden and manage your resources. In a thematic perspective at least a rider and maybe the one, who pass the Stewards wealth...