Agressive Hobbit Gandalf

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Marcelf 1327

The idea of ​​this deck is to explode in the second round with resources (Tighten Our Belts, Captain's Wisdom, Legacy of Númenor) and draw (Peace, and Thought, Daeron's Runes, Deep Knowledge) to play Gandalf II, Narya, Shadowfax and another ally (ideally Treebeard or Jubayr). Gandalf II quests at 4, "Naryas" himself, defends at 5 and attacks at 5, and boosts another big ally. Jubayr boosted by Arwen and Narya who defends at 5 without shadow is very nice ^^

The rest of the deck is fairly obvious: Ioreth for healing. Steward goes on Merry. Merry with Fast Hitch can quest and make his ability. Unexpected Courage goes on Aragorn and can be used for Peace, and Thought. Dúnedain Pipe is there to hand over the cards you do not want or can not play at the beginning of the game. The Galadhrim's Greeting will be used in the middle / end of the game, once the Aragorn reset has been completed.

Aragorn's reset, Merry's ability and both The Galadhrim's Greeting must be enough to keep Gandalf II on the table the whole game. With Firyal I try to reveal the maximum number of enemies to activate the ability of Merry.

A deck that I find very fun to play! we have plenty of resources and draw, strong allies, and the management of the threat is quite tense!