Naughrim at your service (Dwarves 2/2)

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"I was coming over the mountains with a friend or two..."
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Olorin+1 250

"The mountain smoked beneath the moon; The dwarves, they heard the tramp of doom."

Build army of the Naughrim and rule the battlefield. Thematic 2 player decks

"I was coming over the mountains with a friend or two..." said the wizard. "Or two? I can only see one, and a little one at that," said Beorn.

I would like to present my Khazad decks, hope you can have A Very Good Tale with them...or two. Especially constructed for Hobbit saga quests and Dwarrowdelf cycle (normal or nightmare versions - tested on both of those with good results).

Pump Bombur (not with food but attachements ;) ) to make him your sturdy deffender (Brand, Mail, Dwarven shield, Perservation) Zigil miner to mine for resources and (with many more discard effects) for Ered Luin Miner. Use Dori as a fail save for defending and let the giant bear roam the battlefield. Well-Equipped can be live-saver in first rounds. Legacy belongs of course on the Le/Sp deck. Le/Sp deck can in many cases stay on the inicial threat thanks to Nori. Keep Lure of Moria for that key moment, its a game-changer.

Sideboard: Ever My Heart rises (if you are underground or in the mountains) Your pants are falling down? NarvisĀ“s Belt Are you afraid (of too few heroe actions)? Unxpected Courage or Cram Need to kill that first troll? Goblin-Cleaver, Heavy stroke, Unseen strike Untroubled by darkness

For less theme and more power: dunedain warning, steward

"Farewell, good thief," he said. "I go now to the halls of waiting to sit beside my fathers, until the world is renewed. Since I leave now all gold and silver, and go where it is of little worth, I wish to part in friendship from you, and I would take back my words and deeds at the Gate."