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_EricTheCleric 80

A deck for playing through the Frodo scenarios after the Breaking of the Fellowship. This is part of a fellowship with a impressively thematic deck with Faramir, Mablung and Sam Gamgee: The Green Dragon Pub Crawl - Part 2, Group 2.

The Passage of the Marshes

I started with a reasonably standard Rohan deck, but then I swapped out Éowyn and in her place added Círdan. It does mean I lose the bonuses from being able to use Steed of the Mark and Éomund on my third hero, but I never really found I needed to ready Éowyn when she was in the deck because questing was her only job. Instead the deck now has access to Narya, Elrond's Counsel and the card draw from Círdan's passive ability.

There is a reasonable amount of card draw and resource generation in the deck to keep it moving and a fair bit of threat reduction because there are so many threat increase cards in the encounter deck. I also added Thrór's Key and West Road Traveller to deal with the irritating Travel conditions in this scenario and (with the former) remove the Mire keyword from locations.

Steward of Gondor goes on Círdan as he'll gain with Narya and will gain the Gondor trait making him eligible for a Steed.

There are so many attachments for readying in this deck, once Círdan and Théoden have one each, I'll share some with the heroes on the other side of the table. Especially Steeds of the Mark as there are a couple of eligible Gondor heroes there.

Celebrían's Stone and Elrond's Counsel will mainly be used to target Frodo Baggins, to maximize using Speak Your Promise!.

Finally I added Helm! Helm! as a bit of insurance in case the nasty Nazgul appears.