High Ranking Mirkwood Leaders

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Hereinthebox 17

A deck made up of cards up to Return to Mirkwood. Since this is a Mono-Leadership deck meant for use with the other Mono-sphere decks I made, it's goals should be pretty obvious:

  1. Steward of Gondor
  2. Various other aid the party type effects
  3. Sneak Gandalf

Other than that:


Dain Ironfoot? - There's Dwarves a plenty even before Khazad-Dum, so he's already super useful for the heroes.

Gloin? - He's a dwarf. Prince Imrahil? - Slightly less threat than Aragorn, plus 4 players means 4x as many allies to leave play.

Brok Ironfist? - Gloin likes to live life on the edge. Also, if you don't like him take him out. What's stopping you?

Why not?

Aragorn? 12 threat is already bringing you up there, and since this deck has no spirit cards Celebrian's Stone other effect doesn't matter. Also, I feel like he's a drain of Theodred's resources and if I have them both out I feel compelled.

Theodred? Could be a reasonable substitute for Prince Imrahil, so really that's up to you.