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LordTh 67

This deck is based around side quests. Thurindirs ability makes you draw one side quest from the beginning. I would recommend Keep Watch because it is a main part of the deck, but both Prepare for Battle and Gather Information is an awesome choice as well.

Starting hand:

You would like to see Heir of Valandil, a The Road Goes Ever On is also good to ensure you get a new side quest fast and the most important card in the deck, Vigilant Dúnadan. Vigilant Dúnadan is awesome in this deck, and he is the reason you would like to take Keep Watch with Thurindir in the Setup. After Keep Watch is explored the Vigilant Dúnadan will not exhaust to defend and all enemies will have -1. He will not be able to defend the hardest foes, but the wimpier ones is without a problem and if anybody else plays Arwen Undómiel you can make the Vigilant Dúnadan a 3 with sentinel and do not exhaust to defend. Horn's Cry is also included to make the enemies a little bit easier to defend with the Vigilant Dúnadan. Other than those three card there is not much you really need. to mulligan for, and you could even survive without them, but they are a key part of the deck.

Balin is mostly in the deck to get those sweet leadership resources, but also his ability is often forgotten. Because your defenders are a little short on it is good to have Balins ability to ensure the enemy do not kill him with a nasty shadow effect.

P.S. I included Dagger of Westernesse, the card is good and all, but I really wanted to include "Legacy Blade". This is an attachment that will give a hero +1 for each side quest in the victory display (limit +3) This means that if you can get 3 side quest in there, you will actually have a 6 Aragorn that reduce their by 1. I don not know if this is correct ruling, but I think they stack as well, so if you put two of them on him, he will have 9!!!!

(I did not include Steward of Gondor because it is not really needed and in most cases someone else has it, but it could be included otherwise)