Riders of the Mark (Rohan 1/2 )

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To lord and land and league of Friendship!
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Olorin+1 250

'Now is the hour come, Riders of the Mark, sons of Eorl! Foes and fire are before you, and your homes far behind. Yet, though you fight upon an alien field, the glory that you reap there shall be your own for ever. Oaths ye have taken: now fulfil them all, to lord and land and league of friendship!'

Tribal/thematic Rohan deck. Use Elfhelm to lead your cavalry (well...even a Hobbit on a pony is considered cavalry...right?...Eowyn thought so) Snowmane is excellent, don't forget, that Theoden has sentinel. Or defend with Erkendbrand and kill some smaller foes with Theoden.

Arise now, arise, Riders of Théoden! Dire deeds awake, dark is it eastward. Let horse be bridled, horn be sounded! Forth Eorlingas!


Oct 23, 2017 Olorin+1 250

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