Protect the Hobbits!

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_EricTheCleric 80

This is my Faramir deck inspired entirely by mduckworth83 and Warden of Arnor's card reviews on ringsdb.

I decided to choose a couple of Hobbit heroes to go with Faramir to keep the engagement cost down and reduce the cost of Take No Notice. Merry opens up the resource for boosting cards such as Dagger of Westernesse, Black Arrow and Hands Upon the Bow, as well as a potentially brilliant Response: action that allows Faramir to use his big stats twice (though this does require a pretty specific board state of one enemy engaged with this deck, another enemy engaged with any deck and enough enemies in the staging area for the power to be useful). Pippin was the obvious final choice for avoiding engaging enemies and making it easier to play cards.

There are a lot of cards in the deck referenced in the reviews of Faramir, though I did decide not to include Great Yew Bow as it is an expensive card for a deck with only one hero, and I'm not sure how often I'm going to be in the combat phase wanting to attack an enemy in the staging area instead of one engaged with a player. I guess it would depend on the scenario.

Finally there are also some sentinel cards to help the table with defending and a few Ent cards because they are just really powerful.

In the sideboard I have Bilbo Baggins to swap with Pippin if there are any clashes at the meetup at the friendly local gamestore, but really I want to avoid this swap as it essentially adds 5 to your threat level in terms of engaging enemies (the difference in starting threat and loosing Pippin's ability). There are a few other cards that could be useful in certain scenarios and Guthlaf should pretty much always be added somewhere if there is a Rohan hero in the party.