Dig for Victory

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_EricTheCleric 80

A Dwarf deck for joining others in a Dwarf Fellowship.
This one takes advantage of the dwarven discarding-from-deck mechanics which represents their skills at mining.


Main Deck

When drawing the opening hand, King Under the Mountain and Expert Treasure-hunter are always helpful to see as they'll help draw everything else. I'd consider keeping a hand with A Test of Will as having that insurance, which can be played from turn 1, is very nice. I will consider taking a mulligan if I've got Hidden Cache though as it's a shame to see it's resource bonus go to waste, especially when there are so many ways of activating it in this deck.

I try to focus all damage on Bombur. With a couple of Ring Mails and Hardy Leadership somewhere on the table, I can stack up a mighty seven damage on him before healing it all at once with Lore of Imladris.

It is useful to note that Dwarrowdelf Axe attaches to a character, it does not need to be a hero. Often it'll be more useful to attach it to a Longbeard Orc Slayer who will never quest, rather than on Óin who, with the joint highest in the deck, will often quest and will be unable to help in the combat phase.

The "digging" cards in this deck do often encourage a slightly different way of thinking. When using King Under the Mountain or Ered Nimrais Prospector, I'm not just considering what I want in my hand/ deck, I'm also considering what I want in my discard pile. Longbeard Orc Slayer is probably the best target for To me! O my kinsfolk! in the deck, so discarding a copy has that benefit. Leaving Ever My Heart Rises rises in the discard pile could be a better option than shuffling it back into the deck as I can then get it in hand with Dwarven Tomb. It's going through options like this that make the deck fun to play.

However, if I'm honest, in the end the deck isn't anything special. It's really waiting on some further cards to be released that go with the discarding-from-deck mechanic, ideally at least one of them a hero. Like Arwen to the elves. Or Círdan to the elves. Or Legolas to the elves... those lucky elf gits. It should run pretty well as part of a dwarf fellowship though.


There should always be someone playing with Dain Ironfoot in a Dwarf fellowship, so if no one else at the friendly local game-store is, Balin should be swapped out for him.

Similar to Dain, there should really be a couple of copies of Hardy Leadership in someone's deck in a Dwarf fellowship, and Miner of the Iron Hills is invaluable in any scenario with Conditions in the encounter deck. So if they are ever added to the deck, cards to be removed are usually a copy of Dwalin, Longbeard Orc Slayer and Zigil Miner each, maybe a copy of Dúnedain Signal, Ring Mail and Lore of Imladris can be taken out too without effecting the setup of the deck too much.

Finally, Cram replaces Ever My Heart Rises in scenarios without much Underground or Mountain locations.