Hama's Guide to First Strike

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Skeffington 198

Welcome to Hama's Guide to First Strike :)

This deck aims to recycle Oath of Eorl endlessly to always strike before the enemy. As Oath of Eorl only works on yourself, it brings a lot of Ranged allies to support your allies, to eliminate the need for defenders for the whole table.

Hero Setup

Háma is needed for his Rohan trait and of course for his great ability, which is core for this deck. We will recycle 4 of the strongest tactics events:

Keep an eye on what you discard after you use Háma, if you have Mithlond Sea-watcher in play. Háma benefits from Rohan Warhorse, Elf-friend and Rivendell Bow to let him attack twice each round, thus recycle twice. It is less important that he hits hard.

Legolas is used as ranged heavy hitter and also most welcome for his Noble trait for Proud Hunters. He benefits from Dagger of Westernesse, Black Arrow, Blade of Gondolin, Arod and a Rohan Warhorse to trigger his ability more often. However the first Rohan Warhorse should go on Háma.

Mablung is needed for his Gondor Trait to trigger Oath of Eorl and also for Ressource generation and emergency defense. He likes a Gondorian Shield in early game which can be replaced by some spare weaponry after you have the Oath of Eorl cycle going. Also he has great synergy with Dúnedain Hunter, which costs effectively -1 ressource with Mablung.


Goal: Get a Rohan Warhorse on Háma and draw Oath of Eorl from your deck. Let Hama attack twice. Then recycle Oath of Eorl each round as first event and Proud Hunters and Foe-hammer as second event. Once you build your allies up, you should have enough range attack power to eliminate all enemies on the table before they strike back.

Starting Hand

You want to mulligan for Oath of Eorl and Rohan Warhorse. Dúnedain Hunter can also be a great start.

That was Hama's Guide to First Strike. Let me know your experiences and ideas from this deck in the comments :)


Nov 10, 2017 apparentlyalvin 73

I've done something similar in a Háma / Mablung deck, and I love the concept. I used Song of Wisdom and Elven-light to go infinite with Hama's discards and draw into more fun events. Also, Westfold Outrider is useful for getting Bad Guys out of the staging area mid-quest for even more Mablung money (oh, and I guess an easier quest).