Solo-Deck Mount Doom

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openMfly 229

This Hero-Line-Up beats the campaign solo. For the last adventure I had to do some big changes. But finally it works.


Sep 02, 2019 pd187540 16

Any strategy for this deck? Is this the final version to beat Mount Doom?

Sep 02, 2019 openMfly 229

This was the final version wich beats Mount Doom solo. No special strategy.

Sep 02, 2019 pd187540 16

Thanks. I'll give it a test run.

Sep 03, 2019 pd187540 16

Won on my first attempt! Final threat of 89. This is THE deck to beat Mount Doom, hands down. Some strategy:

Turn Elrond into an attachment machine (most important are 3 Unexpected Courage, Steward of Gondor is critical to give him the Gondor trait for other attachments, Light of Valinor, etc.). Always commit Denethor to the quest. His main function is to provide Elrond with a resource each round, particularly when Elrond has Heir of Mardil so that he can ready. Then with Gondorian Fire and Blood of Numenor on Elrond, he can attack and defend to kill every single enemy with no problems. With Elrond being powerful enough, you should always engage enemies whenever they pop up.

Great deck!