Southern Hospitality

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Nike Laos 36

This is the most consistent Harad deck I managed to put together. I started building this deck as early as the first adventure pack of the Haradrim cycle and it since went through different iterations combining Kahliel with a couple of heroes. After a while I setteld on Pippin and Aragorn as company for Kahliel and reasons I am going to explain further down below.

From experience this deck thrives in the later stages of the game as the three unique Harad allies Firyal, Jubayr and Yazan will carry the group through the brunt of the heat the encounter deck will throw at you with their chief Kahliel pulling the strings in the background.

Generally Harad-focused decks tend to rely on quality over quantity which gives them a slow start

Let's examine the three heroes:

  • Kahliel unsurprisingly constitutes the cornerpiece of every Harad-based deck. His statline is one that has become standard for allrounder heroes. It means he isn't special in any particular way. His ability to ready any Harad character allows him to make use of two of those stats right from the getgo though. As you will be looking to save some resources in the beginning of the game He is essential to take on actions like questing and defending early until you have set up some more characters. Kahliel's unique attachment Kahliel's Headdress is one you want to see early. It allows for a way better performance when it comes to questing. It also gives you the freedom to throw away Harad allies at will in order to use Kahliel's readying ability without loosing access to them. Especially the expensive allies won't be stranded in your hand and can still be put to good use later on when you redraw into them.

  • Aragorn is here to provide an additional noble hero to trigger Captain's Wisdom. If you are able to use Steward of Gondor you can find yourself flooded with resources in later stages of the game. Aragorn's readying ability acts as a mana sink in that case making sure all resources are spent efficiently. A Steed of the North allows you to use Peace, and Thought and still have another hero ready in the next round if you engage an enemy. Aragorn's hitpoints provide enough to defend in that case or in case of Jubayr being the defender you have another hard hitting character to dispose of the enemy. Lastly the inclusion of a copy of the Sword that was Broken elevates the potential of the deck during the quest phase even further, being a supplement to the aforementioned Kahliel's Headdress. Once the majority of the Harad allies have hit the board the combination of Headdress and Sword make the Southron Refugee into a potent questing character with an amount of three willpower each!

  • Pippin's job is to keep the starting threat low as you want to set up for a turn or two. Furtherm