Earendil Control

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Bullroarer Took 83

This deck is designed to be a fourth deck for Assault on Dol Guldur, but it should work on Attack on Dol Guldur too. The O Elbereth! Githorpials are Heir of Earendil.


Dec 03, 2017 死锁 270

It makes me feel confused,using victory system to build a “control deck” is OK,but why not add Keen as Lances and Scout AheadRossiel is also better than Mirlonde in my opinion.what's more, Firyal is a brilliant Component of control deck.

Dec 03, 2017 D4rkWolf10 479

@Bullroarer Took I really like your design here, I do wonder if Keen as Lances would be something you’d benefit from? Have you played the deck and seemed to not miss it?

@死锁 I disagree in part with your assessment of Rossiel being superior in this deck than Mirlonde. I think it’s dependent on what the deck is trying to do, and it looks to me like low threat is more of a priority than a stronger quester or defender. I may be a little biased with that though as personally I find Rossiel too unreliable to use much.