Attack in Secret [Three-Hero Variant]

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jtwilliams37 124

jtwilliams37 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Attack in Secret [Three-Hero Variant]

This is more traditional three-hero variant of a two-hero secrecy deck I built.

Mulligan For: Steward of Gondor, Nenya, Herugrim.

You'll want to get an opening hand with Steward of Gondor, Nenya, and ideally Herugrim. Coast by with low threat in the beginning while you build your board. Put Nenya on Galadriel and quest with one of your allies and Éomer and hold Denethor back for defense.

Galadriel Attachments: Nenya, Steward of Gondor, Unexpected Courage

Éomer Attachments: Herugrim, Gúthwinë, Unexpected Courage

Denethor Attachments: I'd like to give him none because he's a jerk. But we'll throw him a bone and make him defend with Protector of Lórien. Use any duplicate unique cards you draw to fuel it. You shouldn't have to defend very often though as you'll be murdering the staging area.

Early-game: Focus on getting Steward on Galadriel (use Denethor's starting boost) and send any extra resources from Denethor to Galadriel. You can quest with Éomer and boost him with Galadriel/Nenya for 5 , or 7 with Celebrían's Stone. Hold Galadriel and Nenya until you see what's revealed in the encounter deck. If you're going to fail the quest, you can throw in her with Nenya. If not, use her ability to draw a card and keep your threat down. The old Gandalf/Sneak Attack combo is great this early, use it for draw, threat reduction, or damage, whatever is needed at the time.

Mid-Game: Mirror of Galadriel (combine with Silver Harp), Ancient Mathom, and Valiant Sacrifice all get you through your deck to get the attachments that you need. Allies Escort from Edoras and The Riddermark's Finest help you quest, and when they leave play they give you a bonus with Valiant Sacrifice. Get Herugrim on Éomer and keep a resource ready in his pool. If any enemies are in the staging area, quest with Éomer, boost his with Galadriel/Nenya and you can attack the staging area for 8 , or 10 if you have Celebrían's Stone on Galadriel. Should be one-shotting all but your toughest enemies at this point. If you have a Late Adventurer in hand, you can hold off engaging him to the quest until after the staging step. If an enemy shows up, deploy Late Adventurer to commit a boosted Éomer, killing the enemy and contributing his and Galadriel's .

Late-Game: You should still be hovering around your starting threat and have your most of your attachments. Gúthwinë now shines, with a staging area attacking monster that is Éomer destroying at least one enemy a turn if not more. Recur your Rohan allies (Escort from Edoras, The Riddermark's Finest) with Gúthwinë and keep questing/killing with Eomer. If you have Unexpected Courage on Galadriel, use her Nenya ability and her card draw/threat reduction every turn. Use Warden of Healing (after the quest phase) to heal up any damage that your heroes might have taken from treacheries or the rare attack.

Side-Board: Ride to Ruin for nasty location quests. The Galadhrim's Greeting if you feel like you need it, I'd sub out some Late Adventurer for it. Tempting.

Let me know what you guys think! If you're interested in trying the two-hero variant, browse my published decks for it, I'm not sure which one I prefer yet. I'd love to hear your feedback or suggestions!


Dec 22, 2017 lonewolf 7

I'm playing something really similar. Just wandering What do you do with low threat ennemies popping in the Staging Area before you get middle/late game?

Dec 22, 2017 jtwilliams37 124

@lonewolf Denethor usually stays back to defend, hopefully they're weak enough that he can handle it for a few turns. If needed you can chump block with one of your allies as well. If I know the deck has a lot of low threat enemies I try to throw unexpected courage on Denethor so that he can handle more than one. Once Eomer gets set up you can push it back into staging with terrible to behold or kill it while engaged. You can also try Fastred instead of Denethor, which I've done in version 3 of this deck. Not sure which I like better yet!