Host of the Eldar

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Noldorian Might 2.0
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This deck was designed to be played in conjuction with

While it might be usable solo, I have no experience with it in that regard.

The goal of the deck is to complement the other. So it has to cover the weaknesses known and get the most out of the continuous stat boost provided by Lords of the Eldar. Which results in these priorities:

  • Abilities and bonuses provided without exhausting
  • Built-in readying abilities
  • Treachery cancellation
  • Healing
  • Location control


Having these priorities in mind I decided on these heroes:


An already strong hero, the mightly noldor meets a few of the demands lined out above. He provides the sphere allowing A Test of Will to be be played to deal with treacheries. In addition, his horse Asfaloth offers cheap and powerful location control. Last but not least, Light of Valinor is an incredible attachment for him, since it cancels out his one drawback and fits nicely into the theme of using stats of characters more then once per round.


Quite expensive, considering the threat, he offers a well rounded package of stats and abilities. The [lore] sphere is important when you want to have any healing in the deck and whatever healing abilities you pick, they become more potent.


The hero slot I am still not quite sure about. The reasons why I went with him are a lot of little things.

  • His brother is a ally and can be paid for by Glorfindel and Elrond. If I would include Elladan ally instead, he could be paid for only by Elrond.
  • Most of the good draw cards are already in the other deck. Just relying on Elven-light seemed risky and the next best draw in my opinion is Foe-hammer
  • Proud Hunters is ready from the start and I wanted some easy resource acceleration.



An obvious choice, with his brother in the hero line-up. I like the ally version a lot, because he is a great defender and in case something goes wrong you don't lose a hero, you just play the next copy. Depending on the quest he can also use his stats multiple times per round, which fits the theme perfectly.

Guardian of Rivendell

An ally I really like. A very good defender that can be easily paid for in the first round if necessary and there are enough cards where you don't need or want the 2nd or 3rd copy anyway.

Imladris Caregiver

An incredible healer, who does not fold directly to random damage and doesn't have to exhaust to heal, so his stats can be used otherwise during the round. Combined with Elrond, the healing is even more efficient, considering you main defenders Elrohir, Guardian of Rivendell and Veteran Sword-elf, all have 3 hit points.

Lindon Navigator

An ally I learned to love when facing with hide checks and sailing. It fits the theme quite well, since you can quest and still have the stats available later on.

Master of the Forge

While there are not that many attachments in the deck. They can be fetched quickly and reliably. I also like the deck compression a lot, since it allows me to reduce the copies of each attachment, making room for other cards, providing more options overall.

Sailor of Lune

A great ally, that has an ability that can be enabled easily with the various discard effects in the deck.

Veteran Sword-elf

An ally that can probably replaced by some of the other tactics noldor. But the stats are quite nice and I particularly like the 3rd hit point which is quite rare on non-unique allies.



Great location control for a very small investment.

Elven Spear

A reliable way to discard Elven-light and with the possibility of multiple attacks by Elladan a really powerful attachment for zero resources.

Light of Valinor

A great card that works brilliantly with Glorfindel.


A great utility card that allows you to shift resources to Elrond or allows you to ready him in the time of need. Be it for another block or even an attack to be able to put the resources gained by [Produ hunters] onto him.

Protector of Lórien

Highly flexible and enables Elrond to quest or defend even better.

Rivendell Blade

A rather sharp weapon that helps both Elladan and Glorfindel to fulfil their roles even better.


A Test of Will

A really good card to deal with what the encounter deck throws at you. Also, it provides some peace of mind just knowing that at least the really bad things might not happen.


A powerful draw engine to fuel the various discard effects of the deck.


Another card that can help you stabilize once things turned sour. Since there is no ranged attack in the deck it can also be quite important to actually help out the player across the table.


Great card draw, that can be quite a jump start.

Hasty Stroke

A Burning Brand is already used in the other deck and a way to deal with shadow effects can always come in handy.

Open the Armory

A great card to dig for a weapon in this deck. Elven-light and Foe-hammer both depend at least to a degree on Elven Spear so the sooner you have one available the better, The valour action is nice, but I haven't used it yet.

Proud Hunters

Resource acceleration that fits nicely into the deck.

Sideboard The sideboard consists mainly out of various threat reduction cards that I have found useful in some scenarios as well as some allies in case you need Sentinel or Ranged, both things this deck lacks.