Captain Faramir's Rangers

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kovnikmike 14

A thematic deck featuring Captain Faramir and his retinue of rangers. Due to the slightly high threat this deck can struggle on some quest playing solo, and often i kick into easy mode if i'm too lazy to pair and play two deck solo and it usually works wonders. The deck plays wonderfully in multiplayer however. I set out to build a faramir ranger theme deck with Faramir, usually mono green and featuring card draw but i did not have access to Damrod at the time and the cost of all the cards in the deck were always too high to get a decent combo going. After picking up Faramir and Damrod I created a ranger deck that features massive amount of card draw and resource generation, coupled with Damrods discount the deck runs smooth, especially with steward of gondor in play.

As for synergies, the non ranger gondor allies provide resource generation/manipulation and chump blocking to protect my ranger allies. Celebrían's Stone and Visionary Leadership get the deck up to questing par and alleviate the downside of not being able to take Faramir. Quickbeam and Ranger Bow both like Faramir's readying ability, as does Anborn. The usual sneak attack gandalf trick is good for emergency questing and threat reduction. With the trap cards, Damrod, and Berevor, the direct damage dealing and card draw ability on gandalf usually doesn't come into play.

When this deck hits it's stride it completely dominates non battle or siege quest, keeping enemies in lock down with traps and nullifying most of their threat leaves a lot of room open for questing and traveling. The ample amount of car draw ensures a good amount of traps and combos in your hand that will turn into more card draw with damrod, keeping this cycle up through out the entire game can be a blast. Again this is much easier to achieve running the deck as a support deck for another player in multiplayer, and this seems to make sense thematically as well.