Wisdom of Durin's Folk

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Purple Dorfs *CotR Deckbox* 16 9 7 1.0
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Zukin 150

This is a take on an all Leadership deck for Dwarves. There's no sterner and steadfast ally to have than a Dwarf in perilous times, your allies will thank you for playing the greatest trait out there!

Here, you're looking for draw and Narvi's Belt to give you access to any sphere of your choice. The Erebor Hammersmith are important here as they can recur lost attachments, mainly the Tome of Atanatar.

This deck substitutes Thorin Oakenshield for Glóin with Dwarven Shield for resource acceleration, mainly to keep the threat low, however Thorin Oakenshield is still a solid choice.

Sneak Attack has been chosen over Reinforcements because of lack of Thorin Oakenshield and his resources but can easily be added in place of.

Use your superior Dwarven and carve a path to victory for your allies.